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Vizionary Commission Plan

Vizionary has an easy and straightforward commission plan for those that wish to build a network business with us. We basically offer a Direct Sales Commission, a Binary Commission for building 2 teams and a Matching Bonus Commission for helping others build 2 teams.

Here is a quick business overview:



If you would like to learn complete details regarding our commission plan, keep reading.

Let's take a closer look at each commission type and its rules

First, a very important point: To earn commissions with Vizionary, know that Vizionary does not ask for any; weekly, monthly or yearly requirements/activity from you. If you refer, you get paid – when your teams work, you accumulate CV and earn Matching Bonuses, regardless if you personally purchase any products from Vizionary or not. In other words, there are no auto-ships etc. Direct Sales Commission is not difficult to understand. You basically earn 10% commission based on the price of the package you refer. 

Direct Sales Commission:

Network Team Commission AKA binary commission is a bonus which is paid for building a two-sided team structure. In your back office, you will see a binary tree where you place your new associates. Every time you or someone else places an associate below you, in your binary tree, down to infinity, you will receive points that is referred to as CV (Commissionable Value). You also earn CV for every mining slot bought throughout your entire binary structure.

Commission Value:

Every Monday, the CV points you have accumulated are calculated and converted to Euro commissions. The points are calculated like this: 500 CV on right and 500 CV on left are processed and you receive 1 step in exchange. Points that do not get processed for the week's commission run are saved to future calculations. However, points that are not processed within 52 weeks/ 360 days will be deleted with the oldest points always being processed first. There is an overview of this in your back office. Your commissions are paid out as steps AKA pay-cycles and each 1 step has a different value, depending upon your recognition level.

Commissions paid depending upon your recognition level:

There is a ONE TIME activation you MUST complete, to earn full Step Value and that is to personally make sales in each of your binary legs, totaling at least 200 CV. Until you do so, your Step Value will be €20.00. Here is how this rule applies: You have 30 days from the day you purchased your product package to qualify for the €50 or higher step value. This means that in the beginning, you will only accumulate points (not getting paid steps) until you are qualified (could be after 1 day) or until 30 days have passed. Then, on the first commission run after the 30 days have passed, Vizionary calculates your points and pays your bonuses. Going forward, the system will calculate and pay out steps every week that sufficient volume is available. At this point, if you still did not qualify with the 200/200 then you will be paid your cycles at €20 each. In other words, if you somehow end up with 10,000 points in each leg, but you did not personally introduce 200 CV points in each leg, you still get paid. Weekly Cap refers to the maximum you can earn in a given week from your network team commissions To Cap means that the points you weren’t able to use (in both legs), if any, will be deleted since you maxed out your position for that week. Note: The Vizionary commission system automatically identifies and displays one your sides as your Power-leg. This is the leg where you potentially get help from above. The opposite leg is your Working-leg.

Matching Network Team Commission AKA Matching Bonus (MB) is an awesome bonus Vizionary offers. This bonus actually makes it possible to earn MB from every person that earns Binary income in your personal generational structure, down to infinity. To be qualified for Matching Network Team Commission you personally need to be a Gold Associate or above and you must have personally referred Gold or above packs into your binary team structure.

This is important to know: Only members that are placed on the outside of your legs count for the qualification, which is not the same as who you earn from. You earn Matching Bonus for all the people you have in your qualified generations, regardless where they are placed and regardless what membership type they have. Vizionary Leadership Recognition is a status you can reach by building your Binary Team. To be promoted to a level you will need to have first upgraded your account to the level of Gold or higher. Your first 2 goals are to attain the level of Associate 5 and then Senior Associate by earning 20 Network Team Commission Cycle payouts.

Rewards depending upon your recognition level:

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