Basic Terms To Understand Vizionary

Understanding your Vizionary platform is important to find success.

Mining Units
These make up the mining slots, on their own they represent potential mining ability but are not active in the mining process.
Mining Slots
The functional mining space, and can be held in storage on your account or actively used to mine weekly CapriCoin.
In all Vizionary packages there are a set of "Legs" denoting your downstream network.
Power Leg
The Network Team Leg (left or right) that is directly in line with your referrer. This means that you are likely to get help from your upline in this leg.
Working Leg
The Network Team Leg (left or right) that is directly opposite your Power Leg. This means that you need to build this team personally.
Is the abbreviated form of "Commissionable Value" and is used to track Vizionary package sales across your working leg and power leg.
This is sometimes referred to as a generation and is related to your Genealogy Team Structure. People that you introduce will be on your Level 1. People that they introduce will be on your Level 2 and so on.
Matching Bonus
A bonus percentage paid to upstream members from members referred. This match only applies to those who are earning a binary income within your personal business structure. Each leg gives a different matching bonus and is only available to those in Gold membership or above.

Each plan has its own allotted Mining Units and Mining Slots as well as membership costs. If you want to mine CapriCoin without being a member of the Vizionary business solution (and miss out on a great opportunity) you can buy individual mining slots as a Non-Member CapriCoin Miner here.

Membership packs

Vizionary Plans:

  • Non-Member CapriCoin Miner
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Vizionary

There Are More Opportunities Than CapriCoin Alone!

Members of Vizionary are also given the opportunity to gain "OneGram Share tokens" by purchasing OneGramCoin packs and make commissions on the sales of those coins through your network.

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