GoldGuard, trading beyond borders

GoldGuard is a spot gold trading platform based out of Dubai and is leading the world in innovation and delivering ground breaking solutions in the field of Corporate Gold Trade Finance. With revolutionary solutions such as Digital Gold Letters of Credit (DGLC) and Digital Gold Managers Cheque (DGMC)                                                 the future of global trade is here now.

The GoldGuard platform allows corporate users to register through a simple online verification process, purchase gold directly at live spot rates and conduct global trade all through our dedicated online gold exchange/portal.

GoldGuard and Vizionary partnership

When you join Vizionary and if you choose to purchase a OneGram package, you will automatically become a member of GoldGuard. 

Once a verified member there are endless benefits such as purchasing unlimited amount of OneGram packs and enjoy the high returns that are associated with a premium currency such as OneGram.

Each OneGram coin is backed up with physical gold which is stored and vaulted through GoldGuard’s trusted partners. A coin holder always has the option to withdraw this gold if you choose to not have the coins however any premium earned on the coin would be forfeited and only the gold value would be refunded.

GoldGuard Share TOKENS

When you purchase a OneGram pack via Vizionary you are given “share” tokens, how many depends upon the package purchased. These tokens will later be converted for real shares in OneGram, GoldGuard and YallaPay.

The corporate structure of the ONEGRAM organisation will be such that 49% of the share holding in OneGram, GoldGuard and YallaPay will be given out as a FREE Bonus to the members that purchase OneGram coins via Vizionary.

GoldGuard Affiliate Program

GoldGuard members have the option to recommend Goldguard services within their network and benefit financially from such referrals. Each recommendation has a easy to understand bonus system which is paid out per transaction. This system is present in the backoffice of GoldGuard and all bonuses are paid in USD.

GoldGuard members that have joined directly via GoldGuard will automatically join an One Tier affiliate system. (0.3% of the total fee on 1.5% per transaction)

GoldGuard members that has joined via Vizionary will automatically join a Four Tier affiliate system. (0.3%, 0.1%, 0.1%, 0.1% of the total fee on 1.5% per transaction)

GoldGuard members that join the system without a referrer will automatically be assigned to a Vizionary member that has conducted the highest most recent sales in the system. The only requirement is that the Vizionary member has purchased at least one 8888EUR pack.


GoldGuard is the purchase, storage and Vaulting partner of OneGram

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