ONEGRAM is the first and only Shariah compliant, physical gold backed cryptocurrency that boasts having held the largest ICO in history.   Described as one of the most exciting cryptocurrency prospects in recent times, ONEGRAM has enjoyed global media coverage and has been credited to one of the greatest innovations in Islamic Finance.

With only a limited supply of coins, approximately 12,400,786 which equates to half of the supply of Bitcoin and a potential Muslim user population alone amounting to 2 Billion people, ONEGRAM has the potential to become a globally adopted transaction token. It should be emphasized that ONEGRAM is a coin for individuals of all faiths and backgrounds.

ONEGRAM avails to bring transparency, equality, fairness and stability to the cryptocurrency market with gold backing and shariah regulation. As vizionaries, ONEGRAM has created its own asset class in the cryptocurrency market and carved out a niche place for ONEGRAM COINS (OGC).

OneGram and Vizionary partnership

Vizionary has an exclusive deal with OneGram to recommend and distribute OneGram coins. This means that until OneGram is available on external exchanges, the only place to purchase OneGram coins is via a Vizionary membership. Every time a member of Vizionary purchases a OneGram product package, OneGram will pay a marketing fee to Vizionary. Vizionary from their side have created an exciting and rewarding compensation plan for their members.

OneGram Share TOKENS

When you purchase a OneGram pack via Vizionary you are given “share” tokens, how many depends upon the package purchased. These tokens will later be converted for real shares in OneGram, GoldGuard and YallaPay. The corporate structure of the ONEGRAM organisation will be such that 49% of the share holding in OneGram, GoldGuard and YallaPay will be given out as a FREE Bonus to the members that purchase OneGram coins via Vizionary.

The revenue model of OneGram after going live is based on a 1% transaction fee which the blockchain generates, from this fee 70% of the transaction fees will be used to purchase more gold to increase reserve backing of each coin. 2.5% of the fees are donated to the OneGram foundation which is a charitable organisation supporting humanitarian projects across the globe. 2.5% of the fees goes towards staking and the final 25% of the fees are processed as OneGram profit.

This simply means that 49% of the profit from fees that goes to Onegram will be shared between the users that redeem their tokens to real shares. The fees will apply both to Blockchain transaction and YallaPay Transactions.

YallaPay is an exciting payment processing platform that is based in the shopping capital of the world, Dubai. YallaPay aims to capitalize by offering a two tier processing platform which will allow retailers to accept fiat and cryptocurrency. Initially YallaPay is designed to offer OneGram coin users a digital method of utilizing their coins.

YallaPay will allow retailers to register through a simplified online registration process and integration through easy adaptable API solutions and hardware.

Dubai has a vision of becoming a smart city and has made immense investment to achieve their goals, YallaPay is positioned to aide and support Dubai retailers in achieving this milestone. YallaPay is launching firstly in the GCC and Asian market.

YallaPay is currently in negotiations with some of the largest corporate partners in the payments and telecommunications field and further information on collaborations will be released when the working relationships are finalized.

YallaPay and Vizionary partnership

Vizionary members that also become YallaPay users will have extra benefits in YallaPay which will be in the shape of higher rewards in their affiliate program and special exclusive offers from their partner merchants. When a person purchases an OneGram package in Vizionary they are also given some YallaPay tokens.

ONEGRAM is a coin for individuals of all faiths and backgrounds

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